Saturday, July 26, 2014

Welcome to The Lost Unicorn Gallery: A Fantasy Art Fairy Tale

Hello, and welcome to the first official post at The Lost Unicorn Gallery blog!  In case you didn't know, the gallery just recently opened to the public and displays fantasy themed artwork done in Second Life by Second Life artists.  We now have 23 artists that have agreed to show their work.  We have room for several more, so once it's completely full, the gallery will have a large collection of fantasy art by the best fantasy artists in game.   I plan to have showcases of present and new artists, photo contests, and  special events on a regular basis. I will also put up all new artwork by the artists about every month or 2 months.

Within the gallery you'll notice alot of books, bookcases and "book nooks".  This, along with the fairy tale forest out front of the gallery, all ties in to the belief that "every picture tells a story".  To coincide with this, the Lost Unicorn Gallery plans to donate a percentage of all funds it receives to the children's book charity, First Book.  Another cause it supports is the animal advocacy organization, Friends of Animals.

Not only is there a gallery showing amazing artwork, but it overlooks a beautiful and magical forest below, a unicorn refuge.  This forest is a must see, so start at one of the arches on each side of the gallery front porch and take your time walking through and all the way around to the other side.  There are unicorns (of course), a bear, a fairy, a campfire gathering place, and much much more.  Also down below is a dungeon area under the gallery.  Just be careful of the dragon guarding his gold horde!

Just for your information, below is a copy of the information and guidelines given to all visitors at the gallery:
Greetings guests and welcome to The Lost Unicorn Gallery!  I think you’ll find the gallery and its grounds magical, beautiful, peaceful and relaxing.  Most of all, if you are a fantasy fan like myself, you will enjoy seeing the works of  some amazing Second Life fantasy artists.

   I started this gallery because I wanted to recognize these talented artists in some way.  With my love of fantasy art, I wanted to be able to display their beautiful fantasy artwork together in one magical setting for all to enjoy.


Please read below to make your visit even more enjoyable:

1.    Please change your environment to midnight.  The pictures will stand out more this way.

2.    You can see the picture title and artist’s name on the individual pictures by right clicking it, clicking edit, and then it shows in this tab.

3.    You will see a profile sign at each artist’s section.  Click it to receive each artist’s Flickr photostream,  information about them, including any other websites or blogs they may have.  All artists have the option to sell or just display their work, so you may see some pictures for sale and some not.  In fact, most are not for sale.

 4.    The pictures are in no particular order, just all artists who love fantasy art each in their own unique style. 

5.    All the artist’s pictures were taken either in Second Life or by using a landscape or avatar in Second Life.

6.    We will be continually adding artists and updating the pictures of the ones we presently have, so please check back with us.  We will showcase two artists in the front rooms once a month.  Sometimes we will also bring in artists not already in the gallery.  

7.    You will see books here and there all over the gallery.  The significance is that every picture is a “storybook” and tells a story or fairy tale of its own. 

8.    Be sure and look around the grounds of the gallery, including the magical Fairy Tale forest out front.  You’ll find many little surprises, including a small refuge for unicorns.

9.    Please respect other guests and no spamming or grieving.  Also, no nudity allowed. 


Hope to see you all there :)