Thursday, October 16, 2014

Focus on Feature Artists for October: Antartica Slade and Babydoll Tracy Riederer

As most of you know, we feature 2 artists each month at the gallery.  I plan to start adding a little more information about each artist as we do these showcases.  I will add pictures and the mini biography they each wrote for their profiles.  Last month was our first feature showcase with Skip Staheli and Reya Darkstone.  This month, we are featuring Antartica Slade and Babydoll Tracy Riederer.  Most of the time the showcases will be some sort of theme.  For example, this month's showcase is called "Passion for Portraits" because these are the type pictures Antartica and Babydoll are known to specialize in.  Yes, they do many other types of pictures, but their obvious favorites are portraits.

Below are a few pictures and brief biography of the 2 artists.  If you haven't stopped by to see their exhibit, be sure and do that soon.  It will end on November 6.

Antartica Slade of AyE Cre[art]ive Photography

AyE CreARTive Photography . I'm a visionART...
by Antartica Slade . Enrique Shergood
ARTPortraits | Couples Pics | My Digital ART | Artworks

From Italy, I'm here in SLworld from 2007,
Graphics A.D. in my RL, here the ARTPhotography it's really a passion....

My ARTPortrait philosophy is...
"Every image has a soul
that lives of emotions... " cause for me it's really so...
for every artwork created

Thx Natalie for your kind hospitality in this magnificent gallery... <333
... and thx to all for visiting my space . SmileS!

A big hug... Anti :-D

Antartica Slade

AyE Visit our Photostudio in-world

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Here are a few pictures from Antartica's Slade's exhibit which she took herself while she and Enrique Shergood were visiting recently:

Babydoll Tracy Riederer

Hello and thank you for your interest in my bio. My art is digitally created through Second Life and worked on in editing programs.  I enjoy all forms of art and love seeing how others view the world around them through their art.  I started SL in 2006 and started photography in 2007.  My expertise is landscapes and portraits.   I hope you enjoy the works I have at The Lost Unicorn Gallery: A Fantasy Art Fairy Tale.

Babydoll Tracy Riederer

Here are a few snapshots I took of Babydoll's exhibit: