Friday, October 24, 2014

Sunday is Last Day to Submit Halloween Contest Entries!

Sunday is the last day to submit your Halloween Photo Contest entries!  There are several chances to win as there are a few different categories.  Here are the full guidelines:

Halloween Photo Contest Guidelines
Prizes will be given for the following (based on creativity and originality):
1st Place Best Overall Picture will win 5000L
2nd Place Best Overall Picture will win 3000L
3rd Place Best Overall Picture will win 1000L

Scariest Costume: 500L
Most Original Costume: 500L
Most Creative Costume: 500L

Pictures can be submitted here in game or the Flickr gallery group. If you submit in game, please send to Natalie Montagne on a notecard labeled "Contest Entry". Also, please don't forget to put your avie's name on the notecard.
If you submit to the Flickr group, please label the picture as a "contest entry" along with your own title. Here is the link:

You can enter up to 2 pictures and they must be submitted by end of day on October 26. Winners will be announced October 29.
Pictures can be taken at any location.

No nudity allowed

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions :)