Thursday, November 13, 2014

Featured Artists for November: Polly Elan and Migan Forder

We had our opening event for our featured artists, Polly Elan and Migan Forder on Saturday and it was a lot of fun!  As you know, the theme of their showcase is, "Epic Tales of Warriors, Maidens and Dragons", a fantasy theme and period I just love.  The theme instills images of the wondrous and magical stories by JRR Tolkien, one of my favorites.  Polly and Migan both produce many works with warriors (male and female), dragons, elves, and lots of magical creatures from this time.  At the event, everyone could wear something relating to the theme.  I was just in awe of all the wonderfully creative costumes people showed up in!  Seth Regan played live at the event for the first hour.  I had never heard him in person before, he has an amazing voice and I love his songs!  The opening was a success with up to 50 to 60 people on property :)

I'd like to include some information about each artist and a few snapshots from the gallery...


picture by Polly Elan

"I'm in Second Life over 3 years now and SL Photography was not what I started with when I entered the game.  Here I did many things, but I started to look for interesting places to hang and found that a photo studio was looking for a manager.   I decided to try and work there and also, that is the first time I saw SL photography.    I was so impressed by the work people did on a simple SL shoot and since that time,  I fell in love with art and decided to learn it.  I started to work hard and make my way in is my passion and my way to spend time here and in real life.   It is my hobby and I  just love it and also love sharing with all of you."

We are so glad Polly shared with us!!  Her work is amazing.  When Polly edits her work outside of SL, she adds a special touch by painting most of it.  It gives her finished pictures a unique look which is her trademark and makes it so special and beautiful.  Many love her fact, alot of her work is commissioned by others.


picture by Migan Forder

"I'm Migan Forder, I'm from Argentina,  and I play at SL since seven years ago.  At the beginning I came for curiosity, almost as everybody,  but soon I discovered it was possible to create "things".  SL caught me immediately.
My works are fantasy in general as it is a theme which is passionate to me.  So, using SL as a platform to leave my imagination flying freely is a great opportunity that I try to draw on in each of my pictures."

When I first saw Migan's stream, I was just amazed.  His pictures look so much like photographs from real cards!  The colors, scenes and overall "sharpness" of his pictures  all contribute to their realistic feel.  Fantasy is my passion too, so his epic and old style themes also caught my eye.

picture by Cherokeeh Asteria

picture by Haydeen Hetfield

picture by Migan Forder