Friday, November 14, 2014

Gallery Artist Listing and Rotation

I wanted to use this post to let everyone know how we work the gallery and also to show an updated listing of all the artists.

 Right now we have a total of 39 ongoing artists who have been invited to show in the gallery.  The gallery can display up to about 25 artists at any one time, each showing 5 to 7 pieces.  We will be rotating artists every 2 months and I will try and change to new pictures each month during each rotation.  Since right before the last event, all new work by the current rotation is now being displayed.

Here is a list of the artists currently showing at the gallery

Our Featured Artists for November....
Polly Elan
Migan Forder

Artists for this 2 month rotation (October and November):

1st floor-
Roxi Firanelli
Pretty Parkin
Blanche Foxclaw
Rainbow Mubble
Jewel Appletor
Awesome Fallen
Buffy Holfe
Cate Storymoon

2nd floor -
Foxx Pawpad
Spyder Silverfall
Roiben Sweetwater
Rikke Ba
Duchess Flux
Darys Laine
Ookami Noko
Rhea Choral
Betty Rogan
Max Romero
Sare Ethaniel

3rd floor -
SeleneLily Galicia
Natalie Montagne

Here is a listing of our entire family of artists: