Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gallery Rotation from December 13 to Early February

I wanted to list the current artists displaying their work in the gallery.  This is other than the Christmas showcase that's going on right now and showing 1 piece from each artist.  Here are the artists on the rotation from December 13 to early February:

Lower Level
Antartica Slade
Babydoll Tracy Riederer
Lana Quicksand
Natalie Montagne
Duchess Flux
Luka Henusaki
Ursula Floresby
Reya Darkstone

Upper Level
Tigre Milena
Spyder Silverfall
Awesome Fallen
Jewel Appletor
Buffy Holfe
Vesper Dreamscape
Dita Actor
SeleneLily Galicia
Silvermoon Fairey
Polly Elan
Pretty Parkin
LouLou Teichmann

Many are showing several winter pictures along with the ones in the showcase.  Come enjoy their beautiful work!