Saturday, February 21, 2015

Artist Rotation for February 22 Through Late April

Hello all!  Below is a list of the artists who will be showing their work in the gallery from February 22 through late April (more than likely around April 24).  Stop by and see their beautiful artwork! 

Showcase Artists from 2/22 to 3/22:
 Freyja Merryman
 Luka Henusaki

Here is a list of the artists showing work from February 22 to late April.

Lower Level
Sare Ethaniel
Rhea Choral
Betty Rogan
Max Romero
Darys Laine
Cate Storymoon

Second Level
Rainbow Mubble
Blanche Foxclaw
Buffy Holfe
Awesome Fallen
Rikke Ba
Roxi Firanelli
Roiben Sweetwater
Antartica Slade
Migan Forder
Polly Elan
Pretty Parkin
Ookami Noko
Spyder Silverfall

Third Level
Selenelily Galicia
Natalie Montagne