Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Storybook Photo Contest

Have fun, be creative  and dress as your favorite faerie tale or storybook character!  Here are the guidelines for the contest:

      1.  Please submit pictures by Sunday, April 19 at midnight SL time
      2.  The pictures can be taken in any setting in Second Life
      3.   You may submit up to 2 pictures
      4.   You can submit pictures in game on a notecard with your avatar's name.  Please send to Natalie Montagne titled, "Storybook Photo Contest"  OR you can submit to the following link in Flickr: 

  If you submit here, please label "Storybook Photo Contest entry"

       5.  Prizes are as follows (based on creativity and originality):
               1st Place:  5000L
               2nd Place:  3000L
               3rd Place:  1000L
       6.   Please no nudity
   I look forward to seeing all your wonderful pictures!  Be sure to keep it within the theme.   Thank you for entering!