Friday, April 24, 2015

The Lost Unicorn Gallery A Part of Fantasy Faire!

Being an elf and my love for anything and everything fantasy,  Fantasy Faire is a wonderful event for myself and many others.  It's a time when everyone can shine and show their amazing talents!  First, there are 13 fabulous sims to explore that were created just for the two week event.  Second, as always, fantasy designers/vendors have created new products for us to indulge ourselves especially for the Faire.  Of course during this two week period there will be many events including a massive hunt, a Literary Festival, readings, auctions, contests, dances and particle shows.  Lastly, but definitely most important, ALL donations and proceeds from Fantasy Faire will benefit Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society.  This cause is near and dear to my heart as I am a cancer survivor myself of 3 years and also know several who have been affected by this horrific disease.  Fantasy Faire just opened yesterday and has already raised 2,135,513 Lindens ($8542.00) for the cause!!  Don't miss this wonderful event going on from April 23 to May 3.  Here is a link to the details and location: Fantasy Faire 2015

I'm really excited this Fantasy Faire because The Lost Unicorn Gallery is a part of it and doing their share as far as helping this important cause.  We have a small gallery "store" set up in Wildehaven Marsh with most of the ongoing artists contributing at least one piece of artwork to sell for the cause.  100% of all sales of their artwork will go to Relay For Life!  Also, if there is a specific or favorite picture you like that's not displayed for sale, I know most of the artists would be happy to sell you what you'd like to benefit RFL....including any pictures in the main gallery.  So please contact Natalie Montagne in world regarding this.  We have donation kiosks set up at the gallery too.   Here is the location of the Fantasy Faire gallery store:
Gallery at Wildehaven Marsh

 Here is a list of artists selling their work as of now:

Awesome Fallen
Betty Rogan
Buffy Holfe
Darys Laine
Duchess Flux
Freyja Merryman
Foxx Pawpad
Jewel Appletor
Lana Quicksand
LouLou Teichmann
Luka Henusaki
Max Romero
Migan Forder
Natalie Montagne
Nimoe Constantine
Polly Elan
Pretty Parkin
Rainbow Mubble
Reya Darkstone
Rhea Choral
Roiben Sweetwater
Sare Ethaniel
SeleneLily Galicia
Silvermoon Fairey
Tamarind Silverfall
Ursula Floresby
Vesper Dreamscape

The gallery is also the single sponsor of the Fantasy Faire May Day Masked Ball on May 1st.  This is a first time event at the Faire!   Here are more details regarding the event:

Fantasy Faire May Day Masked Ball