Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Lost Unicorn Gallery is Under the Sea!

Have you noticed all the mermaid tails, jewelry, clothes, hair and anything to do with mer in game??  Yep, Second Life is all about mermaid mania right now and the gallery is no exception!  All new pictures are now in the gallery, including our ALL MERMAID showcase :)  As you know, the gallery collaborated with Enchantment's The Little Mermaid event with pictures shown at Nymphai along with the introduction of a Photo Contest.  It only seemed befitting to also make the August showcase at the gallery a mermaid theme.....Enchantment's The Little Mermaid and Other Mermaid Tails.  Many of the pictures are originals especially for the event.  Also, there are all NEW pictures up in the entire gallery.....many of those are also mer folk!

Current Artists showing at the gallery (regular rotation):

Enchantment's The Little Mermaid and Other Mermaid Tails

First Floor
Awesome Fallen
Sorcha Irelund
Buffy Holfe
Spyder Silverfall
Belleza Xenno
Ookami Noko
Migan Forder
Blanche Foxclaw

Second Floor
Tamarind Silverfall
Duchess Flux
Pretty Parkin
Nimoe Constantine
Max Romero
Selenelily Galicia
Betty Rogan
Kynne Llewellyn
Roxi Firanelli
Roiben Sweetwater
Rainbow Mubble

Stop by for a not-to-be-missed show!!