Thursday, September 3, 2015

Enchantment's The Little Mermaid Photo Contest Winners!!

First, I want to say a big thank you to all those who entered the Enchantment Little Mermaid Photo Contest!  We had a total of 84 entries and ALL were amazing creations!  This made it a VERY difficult decision for the judges and the reason we ended up with four Honorable Mentions!  The criteria was creativity, originality and staying within The Little Mermaid theme.  CONGRATULATIONS to the winners who will receive the following:

1ST PLACE: 5 fatpacks sponsored by the Plastik

2ND PLACE: 3 fatpacks sponsored by the Plastik

3RD PLACE: 1 fatpack & 1000L worth of merchandise sponsored by The Plastik

Thank you again to everyone for entering!!

(they will also be displayed at the front of the gallery)

   1st Place
The Claiming of Ariel by Reya Darkstone

2nd Place
King Triton by Adra Braeden

3rd Place
The Little Mermaid by Logan Callaghan


The Sea Witch 
by Rainbow Mubble

 If Only I Were Human, I Could Wear Those Shoes....and Dance 
by Tamarind Silverfall

 The "Crabby" Little Mermaid 
by Trinetty Skytower

 The King's Princess 
by Kikuri Omizu