Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Photo Contest Winners!

We finally have the results for the Lost Unicorn Gallery's 2nd Annual Halloween Photo Contest! Thank you to everyone who entered....every single entry was amazing! It took a while to make a final decision, which is the reason we're a day late....too many good choices!

The winning pictures will be displayed at the front of the gallery along with all the entries :) Thought it would be fun to have them all up for Halloween. I should have them all up by tomorrow. Thank you again :)

SLURL to gallery:

 1st Place:  Pumpkin Head by Jewel Appletor


2nd Place:  She Got Tricked by Her Treats by Adra Braeden

 3rd Place:  A Stroll in the Afterlife by Tamarind Silverfall


Scariest:  Children of the Damned by Max Romero


Best Costume:  The Happiest Night of Our Deaths by Ursula Floresby