Saturday, November 14, 2015

Another Round of Enchantment is Here!

Another magical and wonderful round of Enchantment is finally here!!  This time it's based one of my all time favorite fairy tales, NEVERLAND!!  Yes, as in Peter Pan!  The event opened today at noon and will go on until December 5.  I just saw the sim set up for it and it is simply stunning!!  They did a great job at making you feel like you're right in the story.  As last time, the gallery was invited back this round to display our Neverland themed pictures.  Several of The Lost Unicorn Gallery artists agreed to make all new pictures just for the event.  They are set up on the sim now and many are never posted.  They did an outstanding job as they always do.  There is also a new Neverland Photo Contest you can enter.  You can get more information at Enchantment OR in my next post :))  Enjoy Enchantment's Neverland and remember to NEVER GROW UP......I don't plan to :)  Here is the SLURL to the event in Nymphai:  Enchantment's Neverland