Saturday, February 13, 2016

Enchantment's The Last Unicorn Event

A new round of Enchantment starts today at noon!  This round is all about the wonderful tale by Peter S. Beagle called, The Last Unicorn!  Nymphai looks magical and amazing with this new theme, so a visit to see the build is well worth it whether you plan to spend lindens or not.  Oh, but you will :P   I have seen previews of many of the new items the designers have made for this very special event.  It will be one of the most amazing yet!  I know there are many unicorn fans/addicts out there like me, so we shall have a splendid time :) 

Not only will the event be wonderful, but also,  the gallery has been invited once again to show their themed artwork during the event!  We have some beautiful work as always and it's all up on display at Nymphai now.  Here is the URL for the event: Enchantment's The Last Unicorn Event