Saturday, May 28, 2016

Lost Unicorn Contest Winners!!

We finally have some winners after much difficulty!  I may as well just always have a 4th Place because we always add one lol.  It's always a tough decision and hard not to include just about everyone.  We had 6 judges with a total of 42 entries to go through (including those entered only in world).  They  looked at creativity, originality and showing the beauty of the sim as criteria.  They felt the above showed off the sim in the most creative and imaginative ways.  I would've loved to have added 10 honorable mentions, but had to narrow it down a bit. 

I want to thank everyone who entered!  All the pictures were awesome.  We will display all the winners at the front of the gallery.  Here is the link to the entries (except for those in world):
Photo Contest Entries

 Mystical Night by Vesper Dreamscape

Memory of Happiness by Iruki Levee

The Lost Unicorn by Meriluu

     4TH PLACE
Lost Unicorn by PrettyFlower Vale

 Honorable Mentions

Sanctuary at Lost Unicorn by Betty Rogan

Finding Myself at Lost Unicorn by Brit Applewhyte

 Betty Rogan by Serg Sonnino