Friday, June 3, 2016

Enchantment's Thumbelina Photo Contest Winners!

First, thank you to everyone who entered!  So many beautiful and imaginative entries. Congratulations to our winners along with 3 Honorable Mentions!  The judges felt your work stood out as being creative and bringing Thumbelina to life :)  Here is a link to the entries:

All Thumbelina Contest Entries

The pictures will be displayed at the front of The Lost Unicorn Gallery within the next day or so :)  Enjoy the photos below....

1st Place
Oh Mother, Please...Are There Any Stories About Little People?  by Bri4nn4

2nd Place
I Cannot Marry a Toad by Tamarind Silverfall

3rd Place
Love by Iruki Levee


Thumbelina by Luka Henusaki

Dance of the Dandelion by Anderian Sugarplum

Tiny Capture by Piggs Boucher