Monday, February 20, 2017

Abstract Soul Now Showing at the Gallery!

I'd like to announce the gallery's showing of original, 3D artwork by the amazing Methias Kira.  The entire first floor is full of shimmering, colorful fractals and other 3D artistry.  This display will be up until March 15, so please stop by and see his unique creations!

The Lost Unicorn Gallery

While visiting, you should know we have also changed out all the pictures in the gallery and have an all new rotation up.  We have just added 5 new wonderful artists to our gallery in house group.  I'd like to announce the following new artists who have their work on display at the gallery:

Aliliya (Leire Writer)
Annyzinh Oliveira
Boudicca Amat
Clau Dagger
Pan Aeon

Also showing until late April:

Adra Braeden
Awesome Fallen
Betty Rogan
Duchess Flux
Freyja Merryman
Iruki Levee
Kynne Llewellyn
Rainbow Mubble
Rhea Choral
Sorcha Irelund
Tamarind Silverfall

Last but not least, we still have the beautiful works of many of the artists at Enchantment's Cinderella!  This will go on until February 28. 

Enchantment's Cinderella