Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Announcing the Showcase Opening of Artist Jewel Appletor at Our All New Gallery!

The all new Lost Unicorn Gallery is FINALLY open!  I'm so excited to announce our first artist showcase opening for this Sunday, November 12!  Please mark your calendars for that day from 3 to 5pm, with vocalist Tallyesin performing from 4 to 5 pm :)  Jewel's amazing artwork full of whimsy and wonder all have a message or something to tell us.  Jewel creates all her own picture sets and backgrounds and her talent never seizes to amaze me.  All new artwork from our in house artists as well with our first rotation up :)  Hope to see you at this must see event!

The Lost Unicorn Gallery

Artists Showing This Round (every 2 months)

1st Floor
Jewel Appletor - Showcase November 12 through December 13
Awesome Fallen
Freyja Merryman
Blanche Foxclaw
Adra Braeden

2nd Floor
Kiana Jarman
Tamarind Silverfall
Sorcha Irelund
Rainbow Mubble
Babydoll Tracy Riederer
Annyzinh Oliveira
Clau Dagger
Kynne Llewellyn
Duchess Flux
Aliylia (Leire Writer)
Iruki Levee

3rd Floor
Boudicca Amat
Betty Rogan
Silvermoon Fairey
Roiben Sweetwater
Rhea Choral
Pan Aeon