Thursday, January 18, 2018

Opening Event for Artist Gidgette Adagio This Sunday, the 21st!

The Lost Unicorn Gallery

Come join us this Sunday, the 21st at noon for the Opening of our showcase for the amazing artwork of Gidgette Adagio!  In her own words:

Every tiny pixel is here because of someone's imagination. Be it a leaf. Be it a building. A sim design. A piece of clothing. An Avatar. All of it is an expression of the imagination. All of it, to in its own form, a work of art. Sometimes, when something I observe really touches my heart, I make an attempt to preserve it. I guess that's why my photos exist. Admiration for the Imagination.

I thought this was very well said and is definitely reflected in Gidgette's very moving artwork!

Singer/songwriter Phemie Alcott will also sing and play the piano for us from noon to 1pm on Sunday.  Hope you all can join us!