Monday, June 4, 2018

Enchantment's Alice in Wonderland Photo Contest Winners!

Wow!  We had 154 contest entries for this round of Enchantment!!   You can imagine how difficult it was to come up with the winners!  All entries were amazing and I want to thank everyone for participating.  Yes, we ended up with 4 Place winners and 7 Honorable Mentions!  CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!!  We have all the winners up at The Lost Unicorn Gallery now along with many other Alice themed pictures.  As always the winning pictures are also posted below.....

1st Place
Betrayal of Rabbit by Iruki Levee

2nd Place
Down the Rabbit Hole by Meriluu

3rd Place
Cake or Death by Alexandra Nevermind

4th Place
Falling Alice by Kai Wirsing


The Cheshire Cat by Miz

Croquet by Clau Dagger

The Queen of Hearts by LISA

Chase the Cheshire by Meriluu

Queen of Hearts by Kiana Jarman

Alice in Wonderland by Clau Dagger

Mysterious Smile Queen by Kanatan Abramovic

Special Mention

We couldn't go without mentioning the very creative, imaginative and humorous story with pictures (Part 1 and 2) that Siobahn Muintir entered.  It's her own take on the classic story :)

Go Ask Alice Part 1 by Siobahn Muintir

Alice Part 2 by Siobahn Muintir