Monday, September 19, 2016

Opening Event for Fantasy Artist Tamzin Xigalia This Friday!

Do you love elves, faeries, mermaids and many other fantasy creatures?  Do you love the magical realm and anything not of this world?  You will love the amazing artwork of Tamzin Xigalia!  This Friday, September 23 from 1 to 3pm SL time is the opening event for her showcase at the gallery.  It will run from the 23rd through October 27.   A choice assortment of Tamzin's work including older pictures all the way to newer ones she created just for the event will be on display.  Anywhere from 21 to 23 of her pictures will be shown on the first floor of the gallery. We will also have all new pictures with a new artist rotation up in the entire gallery.

Not only do we have a wonderful artist's work being shown, we also have the fantastic vocalist, Jeffah,  performing from 1 to 2pm!   Winner of SL's Got Talent 2015,  Jeff has been performing all over the world his entire life, and has quickly become a fan favorite in many circles in SL. There isn't anything he cannot sing! Every show is unique, tailored to the audience's energy and requests. Whether you like rock, pop, jazz, etc.  Jeff will sing whatever you want to hear!  Come and experience a true musical journey.

Don't forget to wear your fantasy garb and come enjoy this must see (and hear) event!  Here is the SLURL:  The Lost Unicorn Gallery

Friday, September 2, 2016

Enchantment's The Yellow Brick Road Photo Contest Winners!

Many thanks to ALL who entered the contest, all entries were stunning as always!  Here is a link to all the entries:  All Contest Entries   Congratulations to all the winners...fantastic work!


Dorothy's Adventure Begins by Tamarind Silverfall

Emerald City by Roiben Sweetwater

I'll Get You My Pretty by Trinetty Skytower


Wicked by Gwen Enchanted

Omg! Got Into the Wrong Tale Again by Gara Heishi
On the Prevalence of Evil by Multimuse Resident

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Presenting Enchantment's The Yellow Brick Road Photo Contest!

I think we ALL remember growing up and watching The Wizard of Oz with Judy Garland!  What a wonderful classic that is truly unforgettable.  I mean how can you go wrong with friends like the Tin Man, the Lion and Scarecrow??  Now's your chance to capture this special tale by entering YOUR version of "The Yellow Brick Road".  See guidelines below....

1. Pictures need to be your rendition of the fairy tale The Wizard of Oz, including any part or character in the  story.
2. You may submit up to 2 pictures

3. Pictures may be raw, edited or photoshopped

4. No nudity allowed

5. Please submit pictures by midnight SL time on Sunday, August 28.

6. Submit to the Flickr group link below (labeled "contest entry"):
   Flickr Contest Group

    You may also send a notecard to Natalie Montagne in world...don't forget your avie's name on the notecard!

7. Winners will be chosen based on originality, creativity and your picture's depiction of  The Yellow Brick Road.





Winners will be announced by Wednesday, August 31  :)  All winning pictures will be displayed at the front of The Lost Unicorn Gallery.


Background picture from Google images.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Artwork of Niani Starting Saturday, August 13!

The stunning and beautiful artwork of Niani will be showcased at The Lost Unicorn Gallery starting Saturday through mid-September.  We will have an opening event Saturday at 11am with music by guitarist and vocalist Tallyesin!  Don't miss this special showing and event!

The Lost Unicorn Gallery

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

First Opening Event at the New Gallery Location THIS SATURDAY!

This Saturday, July 2 at noon will be the first opening event at the new location of The Lost Unicorn Gallery!  Come enjoy the amazing and unique artwork of Rainbow Mubble.  There will be a few pieces she did especially for the event that haven't been posted plus many more.  The fabulous Ceci Dover will be singing live the first hour.  All new artwork and new artist rotation will also be on display :)  Come enjoy!

The Lost Unicorn Gallery

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Faerie Tale Cottage Rentals at Lost Unicorn

 I am so excited to announce the opening of our above sim area at Faerie Tale sim!  We now have 9 lovely cottages for rent.  They are each beautifully landscaped with their own fantasy themes by Nessa Zamora.  The area is full sim size with lots of space between most of the rentals.  Most are also furnished...or of course you have the option of no furniture.   Stop by for more information or just for a visit :)

Faerie Tale Cottage Rentals

Friday, June 3, 2016

Enchantment's Thumbelina Photo Contest Winners!

First, thank you to everyone who entered!  So many beautiful and imaginative entries. Congratulations to our winners along with 3 Honorable Mentions!  The judges felt your work stood out as being creative and bringing Thumbelina to life :)  Here is a link to the entries:

All Thumbelina Contest Entries

The pictures will be displayed at the front of The Lost Unicorn Gallery within the next day or so :)  Enjoy the photos below....

1st Place
Oh Mother, Please...Are There Any Stories About Little People?  by Bri4nn4

2nd Place
I Cannot Marry a Toad by Tamarind Silverfall

3rd Place
Love by Iruki Levee


Thumbelina by Luka Henusaki

Dance of the Dandelion by Anderian Sugarplum

Tiny Capture by Piggs Boucher